***The following is a permanent record of provenance for each of the 1,000 provably rare NFTZines. Representing finalized documentation of every NFTZine in existence.***

***NFTZine's Provenance will Update Post-Mint***

Smart Contract Address: 0xc918f953e1ef2f1ed6ac6a0d2bf711a93d20aa2b Master Metadata Proof IPFS HASH: QmXW3g9AQmpsDyC6mbxjUe28AX5ysq37Bq47Rff3XuJJFu Master Metadata Directory IPFS HASH: QmVQFrLx2o2bnP21EnbN696BssYUzR7MCmUKC15VVbshWy IPFS Mirror: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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-Henri Matisse