***NFTZine #001 is minted out!***

NFTZine #001 is the first Collection of 1,000 Unique, Interactive, and Printable ETH NFT zines by Art101.

An NFT Zine?

That's right, NFTZine is an interactive and printable NFT Zine. NFTZines are generative, each NFT is unique with it's own individual traits and rarity.

A printable PDF copy of each NFT zine is attached to your tokens metadata.

Created by Cartyisme, spun up by Raffy, launched by lza_menace, and backed by jwinterm NFTZine is a crypto homage to a linchpin of the DIY art scene, the zine.

'Art is Theft' is issue #001.

Patrn Blue Special Edition w/ Background Assembled by Raffy and Common Shadow.

Bauhaus Blocks Special Edition w/ Solid Light Background and Common Shadow.

The Zine: A Short History

A mainstay of counter-culture, the self-published fanzine rose to prominence in the 1960's sci-fi scene. Allowing fans to create pre-internet networks zines helped niche communities share ideas and collaborate.

By the 1980s, 'zines' became a mainstay of punk, art, queer, and conspiracy subcultures. In 1993 an estimated 40,000 zines were published in North America.

Zines gave people a voice outside the mainstream, a chance to express themselves unfiltered by gatekeepers in the pre-internet age.

Sound familiar? NFTs are doing much the same, allowing artists, coders, and gamers to circumvent corporations and the traditional art markets.

Theft is Art 101 Special Edition w/ Gradient Background and Bright Green Shadow.


NFTZine is created by Art101.io.

Completing it's original v1 roadmap on Oct. 22nd, Art101 minted more than 14,336 free-to-mint NFTs over three generative NFT collections. You can view Art101's roadmap v2 here.

Follow us on twitter @Art101NFT, and stay tuned for NFTZine #001's companion drop, Issue #002.

Classic w/ Non-Fungible Soup Background and Light Purple Shadow.

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"Creativity takes courage."
-Henri Matisse